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Business URL's

Smiling Hearts invite you to the strongest, highest quality and the most beautiful ICQ, WEB, E-mail and URL cards in the world.   Your own personalized collection of  business Post cards.   Increase your traffic quickly and significantly.  Due to the uniqueness of SmilingHearts cards and extremely high volume of traffic generated, only 40 authorized business sites will be licensed at any given time.  License duration of one year contracts.

  • at Love.SmilingHearts.com/YourBusinessName.

Updated automatically for the season or occasion.  Signed by your Business.

Extremely professional.   Highly artistic.  Forget me not content.  Very  serious art work and poetry being showcased at Smiling Hearts.  A site with content.  Add a very prominent, and unique Java enhanced presentation, and you have Hot.

Due to unavailable commercial greeting card software, these cards cannot be manipulated  "on the fly."  All of your personal greeting cards are done "by hand."  Little things like changing your signature graphic font to fit the occasion.

This,  however, is great news for you.  Since these cards have to be "touched by hand", there is no additional charge if you wish to submit your own pictures for your cards.   No additional charge to businesses to periodically change the about page on their card for special promotions.  (no external banners allowed please)

Act now and avoid the funny URL name that makes no sense.  Look very closely at the offering.  You also gain access to other strong business services as well.


Your own personalized multi-media "Post Cards" for the holidays and all special occasions.  Send out in your  E-mails, ICQ or place link to your Post Cards on your Web Site.


501j.jpg (996 bytes)     Love.SmilingHearts.com/YourBusinessName.
501j.jpg (996 bytes)     The Postman Collection
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    Your custom Java enhanced cards with your name enclosed
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    Your E-mail link on your cards
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    Your Web Site URL Link on your card
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    Use the About  link for additional business promotion
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    Several formats available (or custom)
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    Upload your own company pictures, graphics or logos.
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    snail mail your picture(s) and get scanned for free

Card selection to consist of:
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    The Postman Series
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    Post card for all holidays
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    The Frost Collection
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    35 cards in all.

501j.jpg (996 bytes)    30% discount on Smiling Hearts Postal Services
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    30% discount on Picture Restoration by Precious Photos
          (10% on museum quality digital document restoration)
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    30% discount on software or consulting services by SbcUsa
          (this includes high demand Y2K services)
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    One advertising change per card - per month.  Additional changes $150.00.
501j.jpg (996 bytes)    $6000.00 per year


View Precious Photos Business Samples   Christmas     New Year   Valentine 

(a new window will open for your convenience as links point to Precious Photos site.  Close the window when you finish viewing and select another sample to view.)


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Personal URL's:

Personal Holiday Package: Now through October 1, 1999 only.

5 custom cards
at Love.SmilingHearts.com/yourname
The Postman (all occasion)
Spirit of Giving (Thanksgiving - all occasion)
of Christmas (hello Santa)
New Year (always a bang) 

Bonus!!!  25 Smiling Hearts Snail Mail Christmas cards.   Signed during printing.  25 pre-printed labels

Free membership to Smiling Hearts.
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URL duration.  October 1, 1999 - March 15, 2000.



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