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revision 1 11/29/2008


SmilingHearts is for sale.  This informal offering is open to the public; however, emphasis goes out to individuals and business that have used our service(s) over the years.


Price for SmilingHearts is $225,000.  SmilingHearts owns rights to all material on this site as well as "Your Soul Exposed" Virtual Pages and content on the Net. i.e.  Terms are cash or trade (all or part) for late model Class "A" Motor Home.


Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee or Texas buyer could qualify for loan through Trustmark National Bank.


Informal offering starts day of this web listing and will continue through Valentines Day Saturday, February 14, 2009.  SmilingHearts has retained a broker to formally handle details of this sale after February 14, 2009 so terms could change at that time. The brokerage firm is more excited about the 25,000 plus hits per day rather than the beautiful content SmilingHearts has created to command that traffic.

Click to Download .pdf for details and additional information.



October 6, 2005

Custom virtual server postcards URL's fully functional and has been successfully crawled.
Free postcard URL's up.  Not successfully crawled.  Please help and report broken links HERE.


Setpember 30, 2005

The Staff of Smiling Hearts send our sincere apologies for disruption of our greeting card service but we were spanked a little bit by both Katrina and Rita.  We have moved inland to new servers and tucked ourselves in the safety of the Kentucky Mountains.

We expect free internet postcard services to be operational by Thursday, October 6, 2005.  All of your current bookmarks and links should be preserved from our old server backups.

Regretfully, acceptance of new snail mail postcard services have been suspended indefinitely. Current contract mailings were brought current as of Friday, September 30, 2005.  Used to be fun doing things by hand. :)

 Custom virtual server postcards URL's should be fully functional by noon Sunday, Oct. 2, 2005.  This is another service where acceptance of new accounts are suspended indefinitely.

Any one who failed to receive snail mail postcards in affected areas or if your custom URL is not functioning properly please contact us NOW.

The Postman

PS  please do not bookmark this e-mail link. it must change frequently due to high traffic of this site and spam associated with open e-mail addresses. refer to this page for new contact link.  our secure contact page will be functional soon.



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