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The Children of the Smiling Hearts Club present to you the most original, sweetest, heart-warming, poetic and occasionally devastating, electronic postcards ever experienced since the first Hallmarks.  You have also found the home of the "Postman."


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Experience our electronic postcards free through our Multi-Media Rich internet presentation and share with all via E-mail or ICQ.  Please note.  These are not your usual web greeting cards.  The presentation of these post cards are unique to the internet in all aspects.

These postcards have a true greeting card interface, multi-media rich and the poetic content is far beyond the norm.  The influence of children's innocence molded with adult reality, yield a truly unique presentation for internet post cards.

This site will in short order change the entire format for free greeting card requests.  Several hundred of our postal service cards will soon be converted to our unique internet presentation format.   Design of these cards, on the other hand, require many hours of manpower as no automation process is available.  Each post card is designed individually like an artist would paint a fine painting.

Your input is welcome.  Statistics show you appreciate the art.



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