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updated September 29, 2005

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Subject:  Future direction and update of Smiling Hearts

  • Charts indicate "The Postman" series post cards were viewed nine times more than all other cards.
  • The second most viewed, and sent, is the "Frost Collection" series of cards.
  • The third most viewed, and sent, is the "Skull" series of cards.
  • We were not surprised at the viewing preference, what did catch us off guard are the high number of hits and quick acceptance of this card format.  In less than 4 months, Smiling Hearts is getting 20,000 plus visits per day. To test the waters, the initial presentation would encapsulate the full poetic spectrum.  Hence, Smiling Hearts (the innocence of children).  Expressions in Black and White (adult theme - adult reality - slightly provocative - definitely controversial). Together as a team, "Your Soul Exposed." 
  • The quick acceptance of these cards presented us with joy and additional responsibilities.  The children are finding Smiling Hearts now and adults cannot do without "Your Soul Exposed."  Well it really is the children's site.    The Solution.
  • We have setup a virtual server at http://greeting.sbcusa.com as your direct entry into "Your Soul Exposed."  The server is setup to maintain all links you currently have in your bookmarks, e-mails, ICQ and favorite folder.   The update also provides real audio streaming capabilities to the cards at your site.
  • The kids get Smiling Hearts.  The children will have their own cards and links.   In addition, a standard "let me make a card" option will be available soon.  This format will be pretty much like all the rest, except the use of original art work (from our galleries) and use of easy, swift navigation.  Enhanced further through the use of our trademark   "Postman" series of poetry to design by.  Smiling Hearts is currently being totally redesigned to categorize all post cards. 
  • Some very nice poetry is being submitted to Smiling Hearts.  Thanks.  And ton's of questions.  Best overall answer given.  "Say the most, with the least."
  • We have received some outstanding "lengthy" poetry from Niclas Adaire.  Because the work is noteworthy, we will open a Gallery of Poetry when navigation and business structure is satisfactory.

Private Investor Wanted

 updated.gif (1754 bytes)  10/02/1999  Smiling Hearts has purchased all printing, office equipment and projected material supplies for its holiday season promotions.  Primary print facility located in Jackson, MS.  Secondary, and backup print facility, located in Westminster, CO.  Original Private Investor Wanted information below will be modified soonest to reflect these changes.  Agressive, credible, artistic and marketing savy individual or art related small business, with limited capital, now encouraged to to respond.

Thank You. 

  • 09/20/1999
  • Smiling Hearts is seeking a single private investor.   Multiple investors considered only through single proxy reporting entity only.   Smiling Hearts has copyrights and exclusive permissions for all material viewed at this site except for several of the graphicsMost notably, Gato the GIF and heartbeat.GIF. 
  • Quick Details
  •     Up to 40% ownership - partnership available
  •     20,000 + hits per day and growing
  •     Partnership Includes all services offered at this site
  •     Non-silent minimal investment. 65k
  •     Silent minimal investment.  190k.
  • Non-Silent Partner

Perform most business aspects of Smiling Hearts from your location (except for card design and site maintenance.) to include, but not limited to the following.

  • Maintain business office.  (including accounting)
  • Print and mail Postal orders
  • Upload to server advertisers orders, logos company material for ad design.
  • Maintain communication with advertisers
  • Essentially your own business with top level support and concern.
  • Current Structure Will:
  • perform all technical aspects of Smiling Hearts from current location to include, but not limited to the following.
  • 24 hr. maintenance on server.
  • design all internet and postal service cards and templates.
  • redesign and update card database software as recommended by partner
  • design all office software related templates.
  • supply and maintain all partners office printing equipment and computers.
  • perform any business support recommended or required by partner.
  • Non-Silent Partner:
  • Kick back and relax. Higher minimal investment allows for acquisition of individual(s) to perform all  silent partner responsibilities.   Selected from inquiries to Options on Minimal; creative options.
  • Options on Minimal:
  • Creative options are available to artistic, business orientated,  individual viewing all cards, pages and  links at Smiling Hearts. In essence, the Business Plan.  Submit very brief e-mail with bio.  Partial financial assistance available to right person from Precious Photos, Inc.   The same printing equipment supplied by Smiling Hearts to print the postal cards is the same equipment that paints to canvas.   Partner has the option to accept photos to canvas orders from Precious Photos.  Orders can be downloaded directly from Precious Photos Server to your location for printing.  FedEx will pick up and deliver.  Rural partner location ok, in fact, ideal.  Enjoy your country living with exceptional income and business returns.
  • Quick Answers to most requested info:
  • Smiling Hearts is not for sale.  Sale is not a consideration under any circumstance.  Much too valuable a an advertising resource for sister businesses.
  • Smiling Hearts will not go public but will incorporate as private corporation with acquisition of new partner.
  • Non-Silent partnership not recommended, nor encouraged,  for non-US, non-Canadian or non-Mexico locations. 

Confidential information / logs available on request.  Contact Us


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