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Each card in the Smiling Hearts Galleries have a Card Link, Description and option to Quick E-mail that particular card.  i.e.


Card Link


Click to Send

The Postman

This is the most beautiful post card ever written.  Send this post card to anyone, anytime for any occasion or no occasion.  Truly will warm the soul and provide an unforgettable experience.  No one views this post card just once.

The Postman Collection

Quick E-mail

In all cases click the Card Link to view the multi-media production of that card.  On the back of each card is the option to  Quick E-mail (send that card now) or a To Cards link  (return you to Smiling Hearts) to view more cards.  You can also opt to click the Quick E-mail in the gallery itself to send that card.

Post Card URL's are permanant and ICQ bookmarks are welcome.  The Postman Collection of Post Cards can be found in all galleries as the collection is absolutely breathtaking and search engines will bring you to a particular gallery based on your keyword search.


1. Go to the page you want to send.
2. Have your contact list available.
    Highlight the person that you want to receive the greeting by left clicking your mouse on
    their name.
3. Once highlighted Right Click your Mouse and Select Web Page address(URL) from the menu.
4. A new Box will pop open. The URL will automatically be selected.
   You could add a description if you wish, hit send, and you are done.
   If the address doesn't automatically fill in, just type the address in the line that says URL.
   You could also send it to multiple people the same way, by clicking the "more" button.

E-mail   us at any time if you have additional questions or card requests.





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