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Our WebTV Friends

First, thank you for your tremendous support of Smiling Hearts and Your Soul Exposed from the days that only one card existed for your enjoyment.  Your e-mails have assisted us in keeping our electronic post cards WebTV friendly while using an enormous amount of technology in the design of our post cards.  Please continue to take a moment or two inform us of any difficulties you have or a few words of encouragement if your post card surfing is trouble free and just plain enjoyable.

Currently there are two trouble areas being addressed for your trouble free surfing at Smiling Hearts.  One being, username and password prompts.  The second, use of Smiling Hearts resources for those beautiful, animated and colorful e-mails WebTV users are noted for.

On the issue of usernames and passwords.  The username and passwords are embedded into the  Quick E-mail feature on the cards themselves.  So, sending the cards directly from any link at Smiling Hearts will automatically provide the username and password information to the server for you to send your cards.  If you still have problems please contact us right away.  Be sure to include the page or card that presented the problem.  We will fix immediately and confirm the fix to you.

Why do you use usernames and passwords to send the cards? Two reasons.  One.  These post cards are hot.  Nothing else like it no where else in the world.  Except for sites that have copied the cards and involved in copyright infringement.  By placing the Quick E-mail   code in a copy protected directory the search engines will not index non-essential pages, as our cards must be viewed to determine which card you wish to send anyway.  While other sites use trickery and Spam to get traffic we do all we can to ensure that when you do click any of our pages from the search engines, what is described in that search, is what you get.

In fact only half of the major search engines can correctly select only the main frame.   Each of our cards have 5 or more pages to create one card.  This means the search engine will often send you to the inside of a card or the front of a card totally loosing the effect.  We now use JAVA script to load the entire card when you select one of  these lone pages

The second reason for the username and password is due to the laziness and non-creativeness of a growing number of internet webmasters.  Due to Smiling Hearts uniqueness and high-quality content we get no fewer than 10 collector programs per day now downloading and copying the entire Smiling Hearts Site and business e-mail addresses.  It takes us over a week to design a single card for your banner free enjoyment only to have someone spend 20 minutes with collector software to take it all.  In addition to copyrighting all of our content we now register all pages with a service that specializes in constantly searching the internet for any fragment of our work. 

Smiling Hearts Server Resources Issues and WebTV e-mails:   We had no idea, until we began to use JAVA script to load the entire card for correctness of presentation, exactly how many WebTV users were relying on our resources for those "high-quality e-mails."  :):)  We are extremely fortunate to have a strong server for your post cards but we still do everything possible to cut down on bandwidth thus allowing the card presentation to be as speedy as possible.  Once again,  our WebTV viewers were there when we had only a single card, "The Postman," and you are here now with a full and growing collection of post cards.   In consideration of your loyalty, we will provide a new directory of resources for your e-mails as soon as the redesigned Smiling Hearts site goes on-line later this month.

We will have a registration page for use of these resources available at that time.   There will certainly be a limitation on the amount of users our server will be able to handle.  Currently our thought is to offer these resources to you for free.   On the other hand we get over 8,000 WebTV surfers per day.  Lets just put it this way.  If you have read all this information here thus far, please

and give us your information .  We will honor you free access to these resources in spite of the future direction of Smiling Hearts.

Well...  Hope this quick information page was helpful.  We will update your info page as often as possible.



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